Question for Geforce NOW users

Hi guys,

I’ve noticed that for some odd reason, GFN performance is worse than my PC’s performance. Which really shouldn’t be the case since I’d assume GFN has a far better machine than a 9th gen i5 + gtx 1050 laptop.

Maybe you guys have encountered the same situation and would have some advice?

GFN user here. I believe is a Lost Ark thing. From time to time I get small stutters or mini freeze (like a couple of seconds or so), which I don’t get on other games like AC or R6. For me it’s not a big deal, but just a small pain in the a$$. I can’t really compare it as I use a Mac device.

In any case, have you checked in which server you are connected or which kind of latency does you GFN launcher have? You can check it on the GFN settings. Maybe changing something there can help a little.

Your internet connection may also be an issue. I used to get stutters and freezes in many games when I used wifi (even on 5G connection). Changed to a wired connection and everything goes much more smoother.

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My connection is pretty great tbh. I think it’s like you said, just the game. Especially since we can’t turn off texture streaming on GFN it feels a bit slower loading. Thanks tho ^-^

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