Question for gunlancers in legion raids (vykas, clown)

Hello, I have a gunlancer alt that is 1370 and i was wondering if you gain gauge when getting hit in vykas and clown raid when you are in counter (counter gunlance skill) and shield stance (z)?

Hello! :mage:

I understand you wish to know if it’s possible to gain gauge when getting hit in vykas and clown when in counter and shield stance. While I don’t have an exact answer to this question, I’ll be more than happy to escalate this question over to the Dev team so I can get Further Insight on this matter. I’ll be back as soon as I get more info from them.

Thank you for your patience!

I’ll be back soon!

Hello again!

I have received some information regarding your question!

When it comes to the Specialty Gauge, it will increase based on these conditions:

  • Shield Meter is recovered every time you attack and hit foes.
  • Shield attacks recover more Shield Meter.
  • You regularly recover a small amount of Shield Meter while Defensive Stance.
  • Shield Meter does not recover in Defensive Stance or while Battlefield Shield is in effect.

As for Vykas’ Lust Gauge, it will always increase on hit, regardless of the damage taken (or no damage at all).

I hope this information helps!


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Ah ok the second part of your answer was what I was looking for thank you very much!

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