Question for mods about the market board "too many adventures etc"

So lets face it, the market board is basically useless. To find anything you have to spam the search over and over which only adds to the problem and its just getting worse because the bots are actually growing each week and before someone thinks this is just another “AGS DO MORE BANS ON BOTS”, sure that would be nice but its out of their hands.

All that said, the market board is semi-usable up to 24 hours after maint. Now I don’t know if that’s because they need to update their scripts or what not, if so this probably wont fix anything but is it possible to get a simple server restart once a day? I get that some people will complain about “BUT THATS MY PRIMETIME VALUE MY TIME” etc but its a thought.

edit: kinda figured there would be a mod presence today. that’s a shame.

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I cannot even buy RC. Keep getting unstable network.

Been like that for weeks now. Was hoping to get some RC ready for the Thanksgiving deals.

I guess they don’t want my money. I see if I can after this maintenance

I just had two crashes in row, didn’t even manage to get a single guardian run in. I had a browser game open at the same time but can’t really imagine it causing a separate real game to crash.

And you seem to be determined to give your money to someone who clearly doesn’t want it. Hello ?

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