Question for NA captcha testers

Can you log out while the captcha prompt is showing up? If you can, what happens? Just out of curiosity, its something i’d want to attempt if it was avaible here on SA.

Mine wasn’t per say logging out. But I was porting. Then it showed up mid port. When I ported. It already disappeared. Nothing happened by then, however after a few minutes another captcha showed up. I’ll let you know if it pops when I’m about to log out.

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Thank you for sharing. Though thats not exactly the question. i’m curious to know if you can press esc / switch character while this captcha event is happening.

Why? Cause if its possible to change characters and somewhat avoid having to pick the right option, this will immediately become a workaround for botters and needs to be reported

Another question would be if subsequent fails persist after you close the game, or if they are reset to 0 fails when you log in again. Failing 2 times and restarting the game could potentially avoid the suspension if thats the case.

This is pretty good, means that if the captcha isn’t completed for whathever reason it will come back shortly afterwards. It implies that even if someone somehow skips it, the captcha itself will be very frequent

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