[Question] How MVP Screen is calculate?

Is the MVP screen calculated by the average of all runs or just the final run?

entire instance counts, not only the clearing fight

this makes it hard for gunslingers for example to get dmg mvp if theres alot of restarts since their bonus damage only applies later in the fight so if you keep restarting before then the class will compete much weaker than its supposed to be

MVP is a load of rubbish anyway, I found this out when my Mayhem Berserker got Party Healer in MVP.

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For now, still counts all runs

But in KR it will get changed to only show the last, killing run and I hope we get that soon as well

Is there some kind of evidence about that? I never saw an official information about it

The evidence is in KR Roadmap (from last Loa On Summer) with the mvp screen rework, when they said “from now on the mvp screen will only include the last pull + kill, not every try since entering the instance”

As of now, even killing trash mobs counts towards mvp screen calculation, and every try with all the wipes gets added together

Example you are doing Valtan, you deal the most damage every single pull and after 10 wipes, your group tries again but you are the first and only one to die in the first minute, and spend the rest of the fight on the ground.

You can still get cruel fighter because of the 10 previous wipes, even though you were the only one dead on the last try


It’ll take some time, but the rework is coming, and we’ll have a better version, iirc we’ll be able to see what percent each member of the 4 best did, and there is new way to get MVP, the one used for exemple was the counter MVP.