Question on mailing Founder pack to new character on different account

I used my Founder items (the ones that weren’t tradable), and am considering sending the set that is tradable to a new character I want to start on a different account. The question I have is what can go through? Can I mail the entire box, and thus the character can get the lot (founder title, train stronghold item, wallpaper etc)? Or is it just the armour, weapon and mount?
If a CM can clarify this, it would be much appreciated!

Hello @YakkusTheKub

You will see which items are tradable by doing CTRL+Right-Click on the chest and selecting Chest Preview. Once you hover over an item, you will see at the top left whether it is tradable or not. The Founders Pack chest itself will not be tradable, but some of the contents inside will be.

Here are the items that are tradable and untradeable:


  • Cat Pet Selection Chest
  • Cerberus Mount Selection Chest
  • Lawmaker Set
  • Platinum Complimentary Skin Set


  • Crystalline Aura (30 days)
  • Hero’s Ascent Upgrade Chest → Contains the Title “Heroic Founder”
  • Platinum Welcome Chest → Contains the Structure: Modem SMT-01 and Wallpaper: The Great Journey you mentioned

I hope this helps, please let me know if you have any questions!

Hello @YakkusTheKub,

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us.

I want to thank @Blodreina for sharing this information and helping. :hugs:

If you need further assistance please let me know! :mage:

@aePixie Thank you both for responding. Sadly, that means a different character woudn’t be able to get those cool things. A shame. I’ll just hold on to them, then.
Whilst here, please can you clarify for the record whether these skins will ONLY ever work for the launch classes, or that later down the line we will be able to use them for classes that are to be released?