Question on peons

Hello all, is it possible to get 4x3 without using peons? I have a friend that said he got all of his alts to 4x3 and didnt use peons. Is there ways to get specific jewelry from a quest or is it always rng. thank you.

Its just RNG. You need 2x9 Engravings, 6/6 Stone and 5 Accessories 3x3 - dropped from Argos and both Oreha Dungeons (difficult) may take some time to find the desired pieces tho^^

You can get good accessories with your class engravings from Argos and 1370 abyssal (oreha). Potentially you can get all you need for 4x3 yes but don’t expect this to happen after 1-2 weeks. You would need to be quite lucky to have everything you need in a short time.

Super easy to get 3x3 without pheons, you need a bit of rnf to nab ghat 4x3.

Argose will get you clas specific 3x dill out your 5 pices woth that. Add in a couple books and pieces to shore up the 3x3. Lastly youll need a rock woth your 4th engraving amd the missing pieces.

If you’re willing o soend about 50 pheoms (assuming your rng isnt amazing) it makes this a ton easier

Very small chance, the game is built around buying acessories (and possibly spending money)

If less vitality is no problem tier 1/2 stones cost 0/1 pheons.

And then we’ll see a “I get gatekeepet at Valtan HM with my tier 1 stone” post xD

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