Question on upgrading to relic accessories

Is it worth equipping on stat relic engravings you come across regardless of what engravings they come with in the short term?

Is the base stat increase from legendary to relic greater than the gap lost by breaking up 2 rows of engravings?

If you already have decent legendary accessories with high quality and good engravings, I’d just keep them until you can afford really good relic accessories.

You probably spent good amount of pheons and gold to get yourself a good set of legendary accessories to last a while. If you are going to replace them with mediocre relic accessories as soon as they come out, you could have just stuck with crappy legendary accessories.


Fair enough. Appreciate the feedback.

No. You swap in relic acc when you can acquire ones that preserve your engravings.

The entire point of relic acc is to GAIN engravings on top of your legendary setup, not lose engravings.

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