Question regarding confusing player (bot?) behavior

We’ve been seeing some interesting behavior lately where a character will just ‘appear’ on the screen with their pet in tow behind them. They’ll run for a few paces in a direction…and then vanish. Seconds later, they will appear where they first came in, pet in tow, run in the same direction…and disappear again.

We’re not sure what is going on, but let’s say it’s intentional, what could possibly be gained by that activity?

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It happens to me sometimes when I’m trying to move forward but it turns out there was unloaded furniture or something in the way and I’m rubberbanded back.

But when it happens over and over and over in the world and not just a stronghold, that’s usually a bot autopathing somewhere but it fails so they’re rubberbanded back.

Eventually they get past it or the game gives them a pass.

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It just doesn’t seem to stop though. And it’s an open area, where there’s nothing to hit, and it’s not stutter stepping, it’s quite a long path, all things considered. I have a friend who loses packets sometimes, and they rubber band, I know what that looks like.

Good example of where I saw it the first time (but I still see it constantly in other places) is where the Salt Giant spawns in Yudia. They will appear in the lower right of the area, then run a path to the NW (upper left), then disappear. You can follow them, across the entire salt flat, then a few seconds later, they appear where they first appeared, and run the same pattern, over and over.

I just can’t figure out if it’s some sort of location hack where they figured out how to place there character in different parts of the world, then they have a macro run where they auto run off in some direction, across many places, fishing (figuratively) for something?

Just trying to figure out what that thing is, like what are they gaining from that behavior. I get like necros pet farming AFK in GW2 in some area, for example. While I don’t agree with the tactic necessarily, I get the appeal. I just don’t understand what this sort of hack, if it is a hack, would gain you. :slight_smile:

Are you 100% sure it’s the same character name and not a different bot clone following the first?

I’ll also see that a lot. One bot runs by, then a couple seconds later its clone runs by. Both with a string of random characters, but different strings.

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No because it’s the same name, and you see them appear and disappear out of thin air. It’s odd. If I knew how to capture video, I’d get a movie of it.