Question regarding June/July skins

Hey @Roxx

Hope you are having a good day! I wanted to ask if we are also getting summer / pool skins in the next month or two for summer? I am stoked for new skins but would love a summer outfit.


Summer skins that cover the whole body ofc. AGS went religious on us.


yeah get ready for the diver suits from the underwater abyss dungeon XD


No summer skins, only lootboxes and more omen look alikes


Ah man

jokes aside i think a lot of people want summer booba skins ;). it may wreak more havoc than the current class release schedule if they don’t give the bikinis and speedos since a lot of people have been waiting since launch for booba skins

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They’re going in order of release. Still more 2019 skins to go through.

There’s summer skins from 2019 so hopefully they release them within the next 2 months.

no cute bikinis that’s mad