Question regarding name change ticket


I am in process of making number of alts, but I made a mistake and switched the names between two alts with different classes.

I know that if you delete one of your max level character, you would be able to use that deleted character’s name after 60 days.

what about if I use a name change ticket?

suppose I change character A’s name to something different. would I then be able to create another character and use the original character A’s name right away?

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Hello @KimThought

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Currently the game locks the “not used” names for 60 days from any character lvl 10 or more.
Even though if you use the ticket the previous name will be on cooldown.

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Late reply to the topic, but the name change ticket actually works.

I have a level 41 character which had the name I wanted on a new character. I knew that deleting it puts the name on a cooldown for 60 days. So I bought a name change ticket and after I changed the name, it instantly became available to use on a newly created character. I created the character on the same server, so I can’t confirm if it gets released regionwide.

@Achieveme I’m not sure if you guys are aware of this, or ever tested it, but using a name change ticket does not put the name on a 60 day cooldown.


Hi @Haunted

Thank you for getting back on this post and apreciate you had take the time to test this situation about the name change.
In my last post i just share the official information known untill this time. Seems from your experience that we have new knowledge here.

I hope your information in this post can help other players with the same question or situation!

Thank you heroe!

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@Achieveme could we maybe get some confirmation regarding the topic. I have a similar issue and would definately purchase a name change ticket in case this avoids the 60day lock.

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Hello @Aron

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This is a very valuable question that I was collecting information some time ago on this other post Nickname change with ticket - #6 by Achieveme
If you use the ticket on a character lvl 10+ the old name becomes available and it does not have a 60 days cooldown as in the case if you delete the character.
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