[QUESTION] which way is better to leveling?

I’ve played a little bit of lost ark in the past, and I know the fastest way to level up is to just do the orange quests.
But this time, I’m going to level the main character of my account, and I have some questions, that I keep asking myself what would be the best way to do it.
First, do you think it would be better to run the leveling just doing the orange quest and come back later to do all the yellow quests? Or is it more efficient to go out doing all the quests on all maps, and not have to do them later to complete the continent %?
My goal is to do 100% of all maps as soon as possible, to get the rewards.
What is your opinion on this guys ?

I’m very new to the game. Heard about it I’d say 2 weeks ago and couldn’t wait so I decided to hop on the RU version to give it a go. In my experience, the side quests are not lengthy or daunting at all, so if you’re going for efficiency to complete all quests, I’d say do them all as they come.

Granted I am only level 31 at the moment so I’m not sure if they get more complex but they are really quick tasks. If I’m wrong someone will correct me about it I’m sure or provide a more veteran perspective on it.

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I will play with one char until Punika (Tier 3), I will do all the quests one time this time, which is in my Sorceress. The side quest gives items to finish fast Adventure Thome.

I am not in a race, I don’t mind people getting Tier 3 faster than me, when I get there, they will be more Powerful, will carry the n00bs, and will be easy to do the dailies.

I prefer them to be stronger than me, and I will play at my pace, not stressed and burn out.

I did not answer your question, but from my point of view, you may understand other people’s thoughts.


I have been playing in RU for a few months and have skipped all the possible cutscenes there and just rushed to 50. This time I will complete every single quest along my way to 50 and watch every single cutscene on my 1st playthrough, it only adds 10 more hours give and take so being 10 hours behind doesn’t really bother me.

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There is no “best way”. There’s the completionist way, the quickest way, and the whatever-the-hell-you-want way. Pros and cons to all of them.

I’ll be playing with my wife, doing whatever quests she wants to do while leveling, while trying my best to keep her pushing forward. I won’t have to work for a couple weeks, but she will, so I’ll be rushing an alt when she is working.

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Thanks for sharing your point of view, i think more like you, just wanted to know how about ppl see this.

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I have asked this question myself and read many other posts asking the same question. The conclusion was that it was most efficient to run completionist WITH main questline (going back and doing side quests later is a strain on time and resources). This means that you can do this two different ways. If you don’t plan on running ALTS for awhile, do completionist with main character to end-game. If you know you want to play ALTS and also want to be competitive with meta players, rush main character to lv50 and unlock end-game dailies as quickly as possible (for that edge) and then create an ALT to run completionist route (side quests along with main quest).

I personally want to enjoy the full breath of game at a slower pace because I am the type of person that will burn out and quit if a rush to end-game too quickly. I will play one character now and run completionist route to endgame. If I find myself being bored at that point, I will then consider ALTs.

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