Question: Will anything be done to address the inflation as a result of the botting/RMT economy?

A lot of my friends are now moving away from the game as a result of there being much less incentive to do homework, gold doesn’t go very far AT ALL when it comes to improving your character outside of honing as a result of the ridiculous inflation we’re seeing - Mainly in regards to books/accessories/gems (pheons to a degree due to the crazy blue crystal price).

I know the bots are the main priority to remove but is there anything we can know about in regards to their lasting effect? As the gold they produce realistically makes up a huge portion of the gold in the economy, and anyone unwilling to RMT is going to struggle to min max any character.

(As a side note not to beat a dead horse: Removing the honing stronghold buff looks even worse when you consider it adds more gold income to ACTUAL players when they have more Valtan characters. Why are so many decisions being made that compound the issue, rather than working to give us an opportunity as players to also fight back.)

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You’ll get a hand wavy answer if a CM responds, but in practice the answer is no.

Until they start taking harsher actions against RMT and/or become more competent at catching it, assume that everything else is a waste of time. Reassess every so often whether they’ve actually addressed any of these problems but otherwise enjoy your possibly permanent vacation from the game.

There is a solution for bots.
Make the in-game purchased gold cheaper.
nobody will buy again from bots. then the bots will close their stores.
I just google lost ark buy gold.
That is just a line edit of code and can be implemented today.

i bet some CM or amazon staff will jump out says “we r aware of this issue…and actively working on it…”

lol dunno, they have other types of mindsets that cannot figure out logically.
you understand how easy is to open the game editor and do for example.
1000 yellow gems=5$ (don’t remember the correct exchange)
I can wait not 4 hours but 24 hours so Korean guys wake up and change it.
what do you think about when doing oreha or Argos and see not 2100gold 21000 gold?