Question/Feedback about Feiton "Event" Powerpass

According to the forum post about todays patch:

It says that the Feiton Powerpass is an event powerpass that expires on June 30th.

Does this mean this one Powerpass is the only one we’re getting till June 30th?
Because if so, you should include that in the post as it might be important to players who want to hold off using the Powerpass for Destroyer in May.

Or do we get a second Powerpass with the release of the Destroyer?

Thanks in advance.

Sidenote: I know there’s the Express Missions, but that’s not the issue/question.

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How is this game feedback?

Bump. Would be cool to get an response or acknowledgement that the information on the post will be changed to be more clear in that regards. So that people atleast know that they shouldn’t use Powerpass or Express Missions too recklessly and save for Destroyer if the Powerpass is just a once given until June 30th.

I’m also wondering if I keep the pass for the destroyer or if we will have another one with it.

I have been seeing a lot of question about this but no answer. I am looking for the same answer as well. If we only getting 1, I have no problem saving it for Destroyer but it would be nice to know so I can use the powerpass for an alt. As mentioned, powerpass date is June 30 which will overlap for Destroyer release. I

It would be great to have an answer (@Roxx maybe ?)
Because many of us, I assume, are delaying the current Power Pass and/or the Express Character event for the destroyer

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Please we really need an answer to this point…