Questions about the bots

Can we get the numbers of thoose “ban waves” roxx is talking about?
Is it like 10bots per day or 100?
How come that the same name mails me for a couple of days and nothing happens?
Does our reports actually do help with them or is it just waste of time to report them?

I don’t think there’s any number they can give which won’t anger some part of the playerbase.

“Too low!” vs. “Then there’s really millions if so many remain!”

Ban one thousand to make ten thousand appear again in a blink of an eye, it has been like that since launch.

The same with removing the gold to prevent bot exploits, it didn’t affect them at all, they continue to make billions squeezing the game to the finnest, the only ones affected were the players.

I will never give a penny to RMT, but we must recognize that the bots write us every day, that is a service and attention to the players, and the game leads players to donate or RMT.

So they go the thousands of players mega geared and unpunished with RMT.

exactly even if they ban bots or make things more “difficult” for them like 10 sec ah purchase this useless and affects only real player cause bots are bots not human