Questions on playing with friends on diff server

So I asked Lost Ark live support to see if you can play with friends that are in the same region but different server for any content and this is the answer i received.

its just the same region.
As long as both players are on NA east for example, they can play together. They are unable to join the same guild though.

that’s what I was thinking and I couldn’t find a definitive answer so i asked live support granted does he actually work the game i have no idea. if your answer is correct can you show me where you found it?

I hope they’re doing live chat support differently than with NW, but I doubt it. NW chat support was about as clueless as you could get, and often gave the community conflicting answers. IMO take what support says with a grain of salt - if it’s not from a dev or mod, etc I wouldn’t be overly trusting.

yea thats what i was afraid of i heard it from NW players so im taking with grain of salt but could be possible he is right. unless they already told us and i just cant find it

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okay can we trust this answer? i dont mean to come off as an ass but it would be great to have an answer from a dev

Yes, RU folks already confirmed cross servers functionality.

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GREAT thanks so much! ill delete this thread now!

Note that not everything is available cross servers, and there is no server transfer option yet if you are looking to really play with friends.

yea i saw i hope they can implement it. my friends do play mmo games but not as much as i do so ill most likely just choose w.e server in US East.

Yup, just choose one as a group.
The cross servers help to pad the population for instance content so people dont feel alone through various level and tier.
So if one server is less populated, it does not kill it.

cool cool thanks alot for the info!