Questions re: Founders Pack compensation

I’m considering making a new character on a server my f2p friends are playing on. So I’m looking for some clarification regarding the FP compensation, and seeing if it’s worth going forward with it or wait until they come out with other solutions in the future (like hopefully server transfers).

So I bought the silver pack, which included:
-Royal crystals
-Crystalline Aura (30 days)
-Silver supply crate

Based off of what I’ve read, what I’ll get if I make a new character on a new server is:
-150 royal crystals (I think)

So I’m essentially not getting the supply crate and the crystalline aura, correct? Especially with the crystalline aura, that would be left sitting unused in a server I’ll no longer be playing on? OR did I misunderstand the post and I’ll actually be getting the aura and crates alongside those 3 items?

Crystalline Aura is Account based. E.g. across all servers. So are the Royal Crystals (though not the blue ones)

Thanks! So essentially, I’ll just have to activate the aura on the one character I have and it will activate it for all my characters? That solves that part for me then. I haven’t used it up and I saw it was roster bound, which is what tripped me up.

I wonder why they held back on the supply crates.

I think it is roster bound in the sense you cannot trade it to someonelse. But any of your characters can activate it.

Now I come to think of it, I am not sure if it is realm bound (E.g. US West to US East). So take that into consideration.

Yeah I’m going to try it with a 2 day aura I got from a twitch drop, to see whether it will be across servers.

Let’s call it the Platinum Separators Pack, since that is all it did was separate us from the official launch players.