Questions regarding the server merge next month

Hopefully AGS can answer these, I’m curious how it’s going to interact with the following:

  • what will happen with gvg? will it get a complete reset?
  • if you have multiple characters over multiple servers within a region and they get merged together, what happens to the characters? do you get “free” character slots when merged, or do they quite literally disappear?

I assume all gvg resets
Doubt they’d give free anything, its more likely they’ll force you to delete characters

Roxx said they don’t have any info on how its going to work atm about a week or 2 ago.

Was there going to be a server merge? I thought it was just cross server interactions. Similar to recent KR update, stronghold interaction cross server and being able to add them as friends and such. Not a full merge. If i am wrong please correct me.

You’re wrong :rofl:

You will likely have 6 slots available, and will have to choose up to 6 characters to keep, if you did not purchase enough character slots to hold them all (or up to the character slots you bought) on the server you’re ending up in.

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Ah. So its not definitive on what servers are merging. Didnt see they would do that on the 2nd half of september.