Quests broken in Punika?

So, since the update I have tried to do “Claff’s Surfing Class” (Una daily in Punika) and “Where Memories Begin” (MSQ in Punika), on my Shadowhunter both days. I even abandoned them each to try multiple times in a day.

For the surfing class: the surfboard you’re supposed to ride to the markers will not appear, and I cannot do the quest.

For the MSQ: Liru is not spawned in the game in the spot she should be in for the quest, therefore I cannot talk to her and cannot complete the quest.

Is anyone else having this issue? Did I miss something in a quest somewhere that makes these things appear? Or is this a bug?

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You’re not the first to mention an issue with the MSQ.
I’ve yet to attempt either of these dailies so my input is going to be limited here, but I would go straight ahead and consider a thread in either:

u need to complete the purple quest after msq. from Nia, there a segment where u ride the surfboard.

That quest is the MSQ I mentioned that is not displaying the NPC needed to advance the quest.

Good point. Category changed on the post thanks.

This is still broken. Can we get this fixed or perhaps give some una’s auto completion tickets so we can still complete this?

You have to finish the Stamp questlines(It’s kinda long) for the surfboard to appear in the city! It’s simillar to some Una’s Task in Vern(Horse Quest), Feiton etc, that you have to finish certain questlines to finish certain Una’s Tasks!

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Yeah, you only need to get the surfboard stamp and the Una’s surfboard will appear.