Queue ban time for pvp is bs

If u decline 2 games within 8hours or something u get banned from queuing for 20minute WTH. The queues are so f*king long its too easy to accidentally miss one or two.

You should be banned only if you decline 2 queues within like 20 minute of each other not 8 hours…

Its 2 decline per 6 hours. And the problem is, that once you get a dc/decline it needs 6HOURS to go away. And it doesn’t go away while being offline either. So yes as you said OP, bring it back to 20 min or even an hour at this point. 6 hours is maso lol

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and I just learned that its 20minute that ur IN-GAME like wtf like i know its a system to stop people from griefing queue but thats an issue that doesnt exist in lost ark bruh…

PvP in Lost ark?

players in spots they want to protect could decline matches to leave people in que with no recourse if they removed the penalty :o. declining makes your team and opponent team wait even though they weren’t the one in que when they weren’t ready to play. Id be sad to see this change happen as it just makes shady ranking easier personally and benefits the unprepared without considering the actual que grinders, when in all honesty they should just be prepared imo

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Can u elaborate? What are the “spots”? I’ve actually never heard of that b4 :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I am referring to players ranking