Queue Bug / Game Crash / Crystaline Aura Disappear

Hello Customer Support,
I’m here to tell you about my misadventure:

  • I buy my founder pack and i play the (3) 2 days of head start. All great, apart from a few disconnections … no problem, I restart the game and everything is fine.
  • The game comes out, I understand the full servers but I can’t even queue due to the continuous blocks. I attach the images.
  • When I finally manage to enter I realize that I no longer have my crystaline aura.
    I play anyway.
  • After a couple of hours of playing the game crashes again and I return to my 16k queue

Please give me a solution. I love this game and i wanna play it so mutch, like everyone.




Again now i went from a 12k queue blocked to unable to join…