Queue compensation

Bit ahead of time, but still, i want to attract attention to this topic so as much people are aware, including AGS.
Undoubtedly current NA queue issues will be fixed. I strongly expect that regards compensating this situation AGS will threat it same way as it was threated on EU. Otherwise i can’t immagine amount of poopstorm, hate, etc that will follow.
So quick reminder what happened on EU and how it was compensated.
First 2-3 weeks after launch, popular servers had big queues. Durring work days it started around 1-2 pm, with peaks reaching 15k-25k durring prime time in evening. On weekends queue started around 10am, and was around 20k for second half of the day. Usual queue advancing speed was around 500-1500 places a hour.
After getting through queue, on prime time and bit earlier matchmaking started lagging to unusable levels. Getting into even solo chaos dungeons/guardians took up to 10 minutes pressing enter button and getting various errors. Party group content was almost nonexistent on prime time. Crystalline aura wasn’t working for good portion of players, for multiple days for some unfortunate players.
For this EU servers got:

  • Approx week later after release EU west was opened, with pretty bad incentivizes to roll over and begin anew for those who already had progression/spent some money or founders on EU central.

  • After queues died out, compensation for this experience was 3-day aura (which was given out durring ongoing problems, and some players missed this time too due to aura not working). When questioned, Roxx stated that our compensation was launch celebration gift, that whole community received.

So, i am interested in how AGS will threat current situation, looking back at their actions.

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