Queue enough can anyone hear our voice?

I’ve been in line since 17:20 pm at 21:45 and this is the situation. When are you planning to fix this damn thing? You’ve made it to the point of vomiting now WHEN WILL YOU FIX IT?


There is no “fix” to this as the server architecture they use just can’t support more people. The “fix” is to move to EUW.


let them find alternatives then for example kadan1 kadan2 kadan3 kadan4

Again, that does obviously not work. That’s why they added a new region instead of simply adding more servers. Cause only then the servers are separated and don’t need to communicate with each other.

The most logical solution is to add subservers to the servers, that is, to breed them. Not duplicate. If there are 3 more Kadan servers, this problem will not occur.

if they make it posebel to transfer from a server to a another server instead of letthing peaple stat comepletly fresh on a new server… should be posebel to hire some peaple to make this a option…

You’re right, server transfer can be a different alternative. But guys still can’t distribute the rewards of founder pack items properly

I started the game at 17:10 with 19k. At 20:25 I still have 8k. I mean great. I can’t play not even 1 hr in week time. Thanks Amazon, great service!

I started at 17:10 and now it’s 22.35. I’ve been waiting in line for 5 hours 30 minutes 5 hours 5 hours 5 hours

I really loved if somebody else published this game…

Well, have fun in game. Apparently I would not play today nor this week while I have to work. Great waste of 100€ for this game.

Dude…they already said that this is not possible due to the server architecture and that’s why they can’t add more to one region. Servers are not infinitly scalable.
“Just add more servers” simply does not work.

unfortunately it will end badly, too bad because the potential is very high

yes i need to sleep in 1 hour because i have work tomorrow

Might help that Elden Ring coming out this week…

Either way, they will duplicate the servers with the same name, for example, from kadan 1 to 2 to 3, or they will bring something like a transfer coupon.

Yeah, it’s not that simple, but what would have been simple was taking the initial hit on cost for over estimation rather than under estimation. Scaling back is easier.

It started with greed and is now stupidity in the form of extremely poor management - They’d rather bleed customers and profits until problems resolve themselves than attempt to either fix issues seriously or offer players meaningful alternatives.

I totally agree and don’t defend ags here, just saying that money is not the problem but the server architecture that simply does not scale enough for the amount of players trying to play. What they needed was the EUW region and EUC region being open from the start or at least open EUW with f2p launch. Cause only that allows for enough capacity if players are spread enough between the regions.

Well the whole “server transfers were not a thing in RU/KR” and the “server architecture doesn’t support this” narrative is just a poor excuse for a botched analysis on their part. They knew how many people pre-ordered and still did not limit the server capacity earlier. Now the got to deal with the fallout of angry players.


No, the most logical solution is to provide a rollback to people that want it. Reset their progress on EU Central and give them ALL the Packs they bought again on EUW including Founders and Starter-Packs.

That’s an easy to solve solution and will fix many problems. I know at least 100+ players that would move to EUW if they get all the stuff on this server.

And i chatted not 1 hours ago with amazon support about that topic and the only thing they say to me is: No, we can’t do this. Here are our Terms of Service, We are not responsible for any problems.
He even said to me: I can try to get my money back via steam - but they will ban me for this. :'D And that’s a SUPPORT-Contact :smiley:


Look at you thinking you are talking to a real person when using Amazon Support chat…

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