Queue enough can anyone hear our voice?

I think the deal is that amazon completely fucked up their own mmo and now they want to ruin this one on purpose as well


Same for me mate … 5h waiting and get stuck at 2124 from 18k+

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When the weak people give up and smart people move to EU-West it will be fixed. Population decline takes time.

EUW is full aswell lol …

why would they ban you ? Care to explain im really curious. This cant be real lol

i dont know if i should start laughing or crying they really went full clown fiesta

Same to me. The issue is that game crashed and I’ve just lost everything. After I played a while (this is incredible I did it), I realized that this game do not give to the game community anything special or anything new, is only the las MMORPG released (or failure released to better say), so the graphic is cool but nothing new. Since I can’t play with my friends due to infinite queue and since I can’t play due to server issue/steam issue/EAC issue, for me is just a free failure game as many others. I spent money on it las year but I’ve requested the refund fortunally and I’m so happy to have done it.
Amazon earned tons of money from other servicies. The only way we can help each others is stopping plaing game and ending the hype. this is the truth.
suggestion for amazon: continue to do what you are great for.

When you refund money transactions in online games it results in the account ban. It’s the standard procedure when buying digital items.

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It won’t end badly. The absolute worse that can happen is players leaving to make the game stable for those who remain. In other words, the game will still have a big playerbase, the only difference is a lot of players won’t experience it (which sucks)

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If I get the money back via Steam, they would ban my Steam ID for LostArk.

He literally said in german: “Bezüglich Ingamekäufe, diese können über Steam angefordert werden, nur meistens werden die Accounts danach gebannt.”

Translates to: Regarding ingame purchases, these can be requested via Steam, but most of the time the accounts get banned afterwards.

Basically “fear the consequences”.

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That is also not a fix. Server moonkeep in euwest is getting busy lately. So what happens when it hits queue (and it can happen), then Amazon will ask them to move to another, and another…
Bruh, people moved 2x for them, when they asked.
You know what is funny?
US server gets free 30 days Aura for not being able to complete main quest, they had to start over :slight_smile:.
Imagine that, what about EU? How many starts we need to make again? We see bots stockpiled together like 40 of them. But its ok. We dont need capatcha…

Regards Rodik

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I came from work, the view is as always and this will not end. We will write in vain like this

when i queued at 17:32

Have fun not playing the Game today. 4-6h I would say.

21.54 this is the situation. It’s been 4.30 hours since I waited

approx 5 Hours… that’s just a joke. I don’t even have 5 hours after work to play or I’ll don’t get enough sleep.

I have the same situation as you. I can only login to get daily rewards…

im stuck at 2342 Que been that since over and hour ago on kadan!! so either im disc from thr server and have not been infmormed about it…

or its stuck no more players… what a shame

endless queueark welcome :smiley:

Sorry to say it, but you probably got disconnected. :confused:

'cause that’s a known bug.

I don’t understand why they won’t lock the queues when people have to wait 8 hours to enter a server. For new players there’s already EUW.