Queue Feedback *15 characters need for title -really?*

I’ll break my feedback into points just so it’s a bit more organised:

I don’t have a set schedule to work, so I play pretty all over the place and 90% of the time I’d experience queues that are 30+ minutes long. It is getting out of hand.

While some queues are to be expected in a popular or bot-ridden game, current queues has stopped me from “squeezing 30 minutes of playtime” or “10 minutes to setup my stronghold crafting and dispatch” knowing from experience that that 30 minutes will be spent in queue. This is very frustating due to certain events are time-locked - I can’t log-in just to do tooki anymore.

Another point is that as much as I’d like to play Lost Ark, I have multiple times when I’d login, queue, and open another game while waiting. By the time I’ve gotten in the game, I’ve already lost interest and am already enjoying the other game I’m playing on.

Additional Notes:

There was one korean mmo that I’ve played that had a global release by the publisher, that they’ve changed so much of the game/class mechanics to combat bots which ultimately have negatively impacted the players.

Another popular game locked up certain servers for new character creation, and only allowed new players in through invites so people can play with their friends. Maybe a rotating server lock-up and bot banning is needed?

I don’t know, but whatever solution you guys have or are working on, I reckon you’d need to acktfast otherwise you’ll lose more and more players especially if the next hyped mmo will be dropping and Lost Ark cannot hook the current playerbase to stay.

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they should just increase the capacity back, they can’t win against bots anyway. The queue number in ENVISKA is 4900 today. “ENVISKA” not valtan, not mari, but ENVISKA! wtf is this!

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ngl seeing NA now being upset over queues is hilarious to me.

also i feel like if you have to vpn/spoof to play the game maybe you shouldnt have?

4700 que on Akkan at 11 pm…

Ridiculous. Do something about the bots pls.

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I play from OCE. Sometimes 7pm, 2am, 11am, etc. and queues are prevalent 90% of the time at all times. Im glad it makes you laugh a little bit.

Also, whatever thing they’ve done with the vpn ban have lessen my actual ping to not use a tunneller anymore. So that actually worked on my favour, but thanks for your concern.