Queue for multiple Guardian Raids at the same time

Sorry if this has been asked before, I couldn’t find anything about it.

Sometimes on my alts, I want to get Guardian souls just for Una’s Task. I don’t mind playing lower level Guardian raids just to get soul harvests.

I wish there was a way to queue for multiple raids at the same time like in FFXIV. This way, I can help lower level players who might be looking while also getting my guardian soul harvest for Una’s task. I could also queue for my highest lvl raid and if I find a match, then I’m good there too.

Is this something that can be implemented? What do people think?

I’m not too sure. While I do think it’s a great idea on the surface, it does have a possible issue that I am concerned about.

This system will most likely only benefit players who’s item level is below 1415, as the guardian raids 1415 and above does not lack players for matchmaking. As such, while you can queue for lower leveled guardian raids at the same time, you’re most likely going to get matchmake into the 1415 and above raids. Rendering the “helping lower item level players” idea possibly useless?

Continuing, players below 1415 will most likely try to push as fast as they can to 1415 (where the majority of the players are), so I believe there’s no point queuing for a lower leveled guardian raid for these group of people.

Again, this is just one issue that I thought of on the spot, if I did miss something please do add on.

That’s a good point but in my case, my highest alt is iLvl 1330 and my Guardian raid queue times are fairly long (at least when I play on it). If I’m on my main (which is above 1415), I would probably only queue max lvl.

You can just solo Ur’nil for your weekly. It should be fast on a high ilvl alt like 1330.
But I don’t see any downside to your idea so it would be a nice QoL, tho I suspect not needed by most.

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