Queue outside of fever time?

like, is it even possible to get a match outside fever time?

which one is the easiest to get a game?

went out with family on the weekends and now trying to finish my last weekly :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

All except Competitive has been dead outside of fever time. But even Competitive is pretty much dead, several times it gets “canceled” due to someone not accepting to enter or if it’s old bot software that tries to enter but cant since:
And sometimes the queue time is upwards of 30-45 minutes.

For high MMR player, Diamond up to GM, their Q pop all day long. If your MMR is too low then you get skipped cause there’s not enough player in your MMR range currently playing.

Hmm, then how is anyone suppose to be able to climb, i just want my PVP currency for the shop :,(

And the MMR points recived is not even higher when winning against those high MMR players. it is always the same +/- MMR points.

alright thanks guys… I guess I’ll have to do 1 competitive :joy:

TDM is very much alive. 2-3 min queue times on average for EUC.

yeah tdm non ladder works outside of fever time. i wait around 3 to 5 min^^

i mean its always , what region you are im sure , euw wont get alot of fast games per hour

but yeah TDM is for casuals and for hich points climbers the way if you dont care for Comp ranks

if you intrested in doing server ranks its more efficient to use TDM , because you can make more games per hour , and the chance to win is mostly higher aswell