Queue priority for players who spent money

I think it could be good if Players who spent ANY amount of money, such as $15 on a Founders pack or $19.99 on a Crystal Aura month pass could get placed into a priority line within the queue. Essentially truly F2P players with no purchase history would get bumped a position for paying players.

This isn’t to make it a challenge for F2P users, but rather to make it so that real players get into the game ahead of all the bots.

I know it’s not a perfect solution, but could help to reduce some of the frustration until another massive bot ban can take place or additional steps placed in to help combat bots.

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Nah idea is too P2W

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I’m sorry, but I really think this is a terribly rotten idea. (And yes, I have spent money in game.)

I don’t want to be forced (or see anyone else forced) to spend money to get preferential treatment in the game, and that’s exactly what you’re suggesting - forcing people to spend money for better access (and it doesn’t matter if this was their main reason for the purchase or not). Frankly, I don’t want to play a game with that sort of business model unless it was created that way right from the very beginning.

Imagine paying 15$ and demanding a special treatment haha… entitled andys are so funny

I spent more than I can happily say, but not even a fraction of some…

Still I say no way in creating a 2nd class for log in priority, or anything…

But if you want to have a pay to log in faster just know bots stay on 24/7… It is their job and I am very aware they will pay for it before most other would.

Look at GFX cards., if it makes money people will put up the investment for the returns…