Queue screen cpu usage

We EUC players have to sit through 5+ hours queues, so I can’t understand for the life of me why the queue screen takes up to 60% of my cpu (on average it’s 50%) even when I’m tabbed out. What the hell is the game doing? I mean, it looks like it’s just looping a simple video, why should it take up that much resources?

Not only we have to sit through insane queues, but we also have to live with the game taking up half of our pc resources. For the record, I have a i5-9600k Intel cpu, overclocked at 4.0Ghz. Not the best of the line, above average for sure.

İf you want an honest answer and advice.
its not about looping a simple video. its amazon games studios, creating very dangerous content for the devices ( good or bad doesnt matter ). people already experienced high cpu and gpu usage in new world queue or in game. some people burnt their evga’s , some other was just worried about their 110 degree gameplay. a lot of people suffered financial because of ags. ( idk anything about coding, creating game or servers ) İt seems they are making games, servers or codes for only super high end devices ( some sick liquid cooler, rtx 3090, 30k$ system for example) having a beatiful relatively good device is not going to solve this problem

if you want to save your beatiful system and device. just stop playing any ags involved game.
we surely don’t know what’s causes these problems. they said evga was not running appropriate when playing new world( evga’s fault) but it seems no other cpu or gpu is working properly either. Of course i am addicted to these games but i need to think my device first. They literally violate tons of consumer rights while creating these content but of course when your computer fails, you won’t think a game caused problem. you will blame your system or device. when your pc stops running while playing an ags involved game, always blame ags.