Queue Status so far

Peaky Blinders - the entire season 2 and 3 episodes of season 3 so far :slight_smile:

So what are you guys passing time with?

just short of 5hrs in the queue so far (6k remaining) - I went shopping, watched a film, made dinner for me and the Mrs and now eating popcorn reading the absolute firestorm on this forum haha

Dear diary,

It’s day 2 now and I am yet still stranded in this thing they call the queue.
I was promised salvation yet here I am, left to suffer…

…but yeah almost through the Harry Potter books again, reading and sipping on fresh coffee :joy:

The Office Season 7 … completed.

From 25k to 19k in 1h still like 6h strong remaining I’m watching the new season of Kimetsu no Yaiba all g here.