Queue Status Tracker

Hello all,

Speaking on behalf of the gamers, we want to be able to observe queues for each server.
Because we can check manually

My logical thinking is - because we’re already notified of our queue time - why not also list how many people are waiting in queue & also how many people in game.
So it would look like this:

Q:Full / IG:80,523

Q:18,025 / IG:45,475

Q:9,529 / IG:22,345

  • This is so we can checks the status of the queue for each server.
  • Ease traffic congestion by jumping on a least populated server.
  • Allowing gamers to plan ahead of their schedule game time.

For maintenance I use 3 sources to find out when the servers are going down for maintenance.

PlayLostArk Twitter
Lost Ark Discord
Lost Ark Forum
In Game - but this is sometimes unreliable as we do not get notice all the time.

Yesterday one of my friend was waiting in queue in at position 200. Later only to found out that the server was going down for maintenance which was for the Thirain server. It can be a frustrating and we do understand the reason as that is more important. However, I thought of a better solution.

Have a tab or place it somewhere efficient where all servers are listed for a maintenance section . This way gamers who are waiting in queue can keep an eye out for future maintenance, even for short notice maintenance.

This is up for suggestion so please no quarrel amongst ourselves. Nonetheless please respect everyone in chat.

Please let me know what you think and your opinion is appreciated.

Another extra thing that the devs can do is apply efficient hotfix.
What i mean by this is applying hotfix without server going into full maintenance.

The infrastructure would probably need an upgrade but would yield better results.