Queue Time fixed?


are the queue times fixed now and when not give us an ETA for that fix.

Cant be so hard to give more and better Informations.


They will never be fixed.
EU Central Region is on full capacity. They cannot add more servers or increase server populations anymore without breakign the Regional Server.
So you’ll have to wait for the new region’s servers being up and running and people migrating there.

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Its way faster now so its better atleast

All this problems and they cant even communicate like a propper Company.

This communication is one of the worst i ever seen, either there are not enough mods/cm or they do just a bad job. We get no anwsers to our questions and not even a plan will be communicated to fix the problems with ETA and more. Beside that the solutions they plan are simply bad and not enough. And the worse they could do, was to open the allready to full server for new people. And as a reason they tell us its a not optimal situation… worst statement that you can make when there is a chaos all over europe. (Unstable server, 5 - 10 hour queue times, people dont get what they paid for and more)
There are more like the start of the game, in NA was more server than in EU… EU has 200m more potentional players why they dont plan 50% more server from start or a 2nd eu region from start.) Bring a 2nd eu Region now as a backup plan is such a bad move, they even refuse to give people the founders pack and other purchases they did in this region. All this shows me they dont care for the EU people. But we can write here more and more they dont care for it.

So have a nice day hope you can dodge some queue´s cause i cant play 5 out of 7 days the week because of the queues