Queue times nearly 1 month after release are unacceptable

Why is there still a 5k+ queue on Mari? Other servers have it worse. Amazon’s astounding lack of foresight strikes again. There should have been enough servers at launch. We need server transfers yesterday.


Yeah just attempted to log into Valtan , 5200 as well. Try my luck after maintenance.

I think what people aren’t understanding is there is absolutely nothing that can be done about current queue times. The only solutions are people quitting or changing server. They can not increase the current capacity of the servers that already exist. It sucks a ton, but all that can fix it at this point is time.


Oh I understand. I’m saying this crisis could have been avoided if Amazon wasn’t so greedy/lazy


Laughs in brelshaza, but for real no queue times for like a week now? and max it ever got was 5k and even then it was 1 aram match away. 20-30 mins. is Mari the early server? 3 days ahead one?

Another exciting episode of entitled gamer.

Yes it is. The weird thing is that roughly 2 weeks after it launched there were no queues at all. Then a day or two before elden ring came it out was 2k and it has been rising ever since. It doesn’t make any sense. Usually these problems get better over time, not worse.

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Bro im on valtan and have 12k queues at peak and it only takes 40min to get through small price to pay for a fun game, I’m t3 and dont mind the queues at all… be patient people like the game. If you are that impatient its a bit of a you problem.

Me, who are playing popular MMOs since 2000 with Runescape.

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how long does the queue lasts for? My friend got a silver early thingy and his server has like 12k queue that he said takes like 5 hours to wait out. Eu one

Currently in Zinnervale (1 of the first servers of the P2P) if you try to log in, in any business day (non weekend), at arround 14 UTC, you will get 10k queue and need to wait until 19 UTC to be able to play. A week ago the sametimeframe would get you a queue of 20k and instead of 5 hours you would only be able to log in at arround 22 UTC.

pay to wait huh. I think thats the server my friend plays on. his pc is on 24/7

I went in to Zereth Mortis.

Deep 3d world where I can look at the sky. more players than bots, no queue, 500 players on a world boss.

I can do much more dungeons per day and an upgrade doesnt have a chance to fail.


You are most likely at one of the stuffed servers…

3300 queue at 11pm server time. What in the actual fuck

The highest I’ve had in queue for my server Valtan was over 10,000th in queue and it’s normal for me to be 8,000 +

Queue time is actually a good thing no? It means the population is still booming.

if its like ghost down after a month, that would be a problem… right?

After the ban wave on 5th, there were no more queues on Zinnervale. I’m guessing that’s because 3 things = ban wave + Elden Ring + people quitting. If that’s the solution, then please keep banning the bots every day.

No more queue on Asta as well.

Way less gold sellers in chat.

They need to run the ban every day, tho. I went to Luterra and Rethramis for rapport stuff, and all I saw were bots.

A friend started playing yesterday evening and he was sitting in Prideholme in a sea of bots.

I guess a big chunk of queue time was because of bots.

And ppl stop playing every day. That’s also helping.

I love LA and am anxious to get in and keep playing today

It’s been 43 minutes and I’m now 6530 in the queue after starting at . . . well, you can see the image

I don’t really have the flexibility to start the log in process over lunch so I can play after dinner :slight_smile: