Queue times, population, servers


Just woke up to be 16000+ in queue.
I saw an official topic saying that you are monitoring population influx.
What exactly are you monitoring?
By the looks of it (server status page) all the Central European servers are full capacity.
So basically this 16k+ queue is me waiting for other people to quit playing so i can play.
Why not do what every other MMO company does: open more servers and merge once the population settles instead of getting a frustrated player base, people quitting the game altogether and kill the game in the end?


I’m curious, what is the server cap? I specifically chose a newly opened server and now I’m sitting in a 5k player queue.

Same on my Server (Slen) too, since today 10000+ Que. Before offical launch everything worked great. Sad :frowning:

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It’s ridiculous in EU (Kadan server) I tried logging in around 4 hours ago, 12k.something queue, I’m 4 hours later now finding myself on 2096 queue position, this cannot continue like this, we cannot wait 5 hours queue times every day since launch.

Please address this issue and do something about the damn servers, we cannot wait 5-6hours to join and play, the game is a success and it’s growing in audience, your actions on early release will shape it’s future since you already screwed up a few times already with the founder’s so called headstart which was basically a beta test.

Raise the damn server capacity.

I hope for the best, don’t do us dirty.


Queued for 4 hours. Then my queue froze. Back to 17k. Every day the same problem. They’re just waiting for people to get bored, and there’s no intent to fix the issue - they’re costing themselves players.

Somewhere between 20-35k I’d guess.

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All players should get refund of those founders packs.


I don’t want a refund, I want to play the mfking game, let us play!

Any update if and when they are upgrading their server infrastructure? Payed 50€ and game is not playable anymore.


nah, most likely this is the weekend in a nutshell.
they’ll wait until monday to open more servers. NW once again…

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Hello so you were lifting the limits on already opened Servers instead of creating new ones and now players which have characters on even these servers cannot play anymore.

Nice great job. Maybe you should have waited a day to see how the queue develop before you open the limited servers to everyone. Sitting after work in a Queue of 18k is neither nice nor anything else.

It is nice to see that the game is doing well, it would be even better if people would be able to play on the server they were choosing during the Preorder Days.

Sorry to say this, this is anything else but not a good job you did here.

Ein Problem ist aber Vermutlich auch, dass keiner mehr aus dem Spiel geht. Wenn vom Rechner geht.

Damit man nicht 3-4 Stunden warten muss.

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Imagine starting on Trixion
Then they decide to close Trixion cause “too populated and they won’t open it for new players”
So you decide to go on Beatrice and start again with friends that couldn’t join on us on Trixion.
Few hours later you learn that you can create character on Trixion and that Beatrice is closed to character creation.
So you decide to go back on Trixion.
All those changes without any Amazone communication, thinking that well if they open Trixion it’s cause population isn’t that bad after all (exactly what we experienced for the first 3 days too)

At the end, Trixion 14k+ queue, Beatrice nearly the same shit.

So here is my question for Amazone, why the fuck decide to close a server and even do a message about it, if you decide to “open / close servers randomly” until all of them get fucked with long queues now?
How stupid is that…

Every single EU server currently have a que number between 6k-14k, i do wonder what happend with the “we will add more servers if needed” Seeing as they have a huge influx of maybe an additional 100-300k players trying to access the servers at this point.


This is what you get when all those low IQ crybabies start cringing “OOOH NOOO MY FRIENDSIES CANT PLAY WITH ME AAAAAAAH”. AGS opens up servers again this morning. The result: 5 hour queue’s. So now NOONE cant play. People can sit in the Queue with their friends. Because they can’t think further into the future than 5 minutes.

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When, and if at all, Israel would be able to join the game?
We play all our games on EU servers with good ping (45ms-90ms) so I dont understand the IP lock?

Ich kucke mal in die Zukunft.

Wenn das Problem nicht in den nächsten Stunde gelöst wird bzw. bis Morgen.

Sehe ich mich in 4 Wochen wieder Spielen, weil ich durch dass warten nicht Zocken kann.

Weil man auch Arbeiten muss.

I’m on Slen, getting the same.

This is New World all over again, game needed more servers, Amazon knew the numbers of the Pre-Orders before release, then they added more servers, then people quit.

Why have you not learned your lesson?

I’d say make more servers fast, before you lose player base, you knew how many people pre-ordered this game, you knew it was going to be F2P, and you knew the amount of people who were talking about this game before release, it’s not rocket science jeez.

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Maybe try to use VPN, but right now you have to wait 2-5 hours to loggin anyway.

sue them, lol