Queue Times Thread

Leave your frustrations and tears here. Remember to stay nice to the Amazon People that reply here.


Might help if you name the server?

this is ridiculous… first steam, names gone and now queues…


We are in the process of increasing population caps now.


Just for clarification, we dont have to go to lesser populated servers bc you are able to increase the population based on demand? That’d be awesome!

You already should have done that before the release…
I mean you saw how much Founders were sold. So you should also prepare adequate server capacities


Increase the cap but don’t crash the servers please, 1hr 30 mins post-launch I am still waiting to play…

6700 in queue :slight_smile:


11.000 on astra as well, started at 13k

first the queue dropped faster now its not moving any more


It’s like they had no reference for how many people would log in…never had an mmo launch before, no “purchase” number to indicate how many potential people would log in at once

And this is not even the flood gates of 11 feb


Zinnervale. Its up to 18k now.

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That’s awesome…can’t wait to wait a few hours in queue after waiting a few hours to decrypt the game…to find any name I try was already taken. God what an amazing time to be alive

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reminds new world release… and im really scared!!! 10 k here zinner…

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lol was 16k plus a few minutes ago - looks like its getting a hammering

After I finished character creation it said a different server name under my character than the one I chose at the begining so I went back to server selection and tried to click on my server again and then boom 6000th in queue lol

ps: don’t leave character creation screen :slight_smile:

well 2k down in queue in 5 minutes so… 30 min queue… at least… great

You new to MMO’s? This is part of the experience!

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8k here waiting not much… zinner server.

Any ETA for that?

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Imagine being surprised about server queues on an MMO launch.
Unimaginable ;o