Queue Times Thread

My char is big lvl and with 17h of playtime so… deleting = no, moving to other server = yes.

This needs to be done to 17k people only, not all 60-70k. There are enough people who will be willing to start from lvl 1 with founder pack in new server with their friends


Hello I can’t play. 17k Que. Fix asap I paid money to play from 8th to 11th. Else I consider refund

You can’t refund Founder’s Pack if you used it.

Why? They did not deliverd 1 part of the pack. Since I can’t have access to content ahead of officale relase. since i cant join server

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Why did I even buy this founders edition?
Lost ark is one of my first MMOs and I joined Zinnervale by random choice.

I would gladly go to another server but as I understood you can’t transfer accounts? And once the pack is open it i bound? Like wtf? I bought founders edition for early access and not insane queues…
Is it possible to get a refund?

I was hoping to play the game after work but instead I am met with insane queue…
I’ll see if I can get a refund.

Zinnervale 17950 :smiley:

At least you didn’t queue for 45 minutes to get onto Kadan, and then the second you do, get booted to desktop with barely any warning, due to unwarned maintenance

Can’t wait to experience the fun of queueing once more, when (if?) it’s back up

A company with one of the best and biggest server structure is not able to adjust the capacity of the Servers after thousands of Players cant play. And also did not calculate it given the sale numbers of founder packs? And on top of that a lot of People and Communities asked for Servers with language tags and it got denied but NOW we get asked if this would help?

Not wanna be the negative flaming guy but I alrdy get some bad vibes reminding me on certain other Games.

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However, they do get extra points for being consistent.

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I’ve cancelled Zinnervale queue just now. Started from 12k 2 hours ago I was still at 6k

Good luck!

lol same happened to me so sad , at this point i dont even know if was worth getting head start before 11 , lost names , went on the wrong server claimed my founder stuff , i think il just say F it and go other server anyway :frowning:

look at it from the good side… atleast they are reading it and probably reporting somewhere

You have the sale numbers, why always aim to the bare minimum? It was obvious this was going to happen.

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Lost Ark team any solution coming soon or ?

3 day early access lol very shameful

Not used to AGS decision making timeframes? I wouldn’t expect any kind of announcement until late today PST. It’s 10am PST, so maybe in four to six hours you might get something.

Wasn’t able to play properly yesterday cause of the insane queues… and already an hour in queue atm on Zinnervale and at 18123… So much for the headstart… (is it still a headstart if we don’t get to play at all in the 3 day period?) (and by the looks of it… after it as well… cause NO WAY this doesn’t get worse on the f2p launch)

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My spot in the queue was about 15K 2 hours ago, now at 8k lmaoo

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