Queue Times Thread

Think of it as a name reservation service. As a free to play player, I didn’t get that ability.

All 5 names I wanted was taken after 9 minutes :sweat_smile: but yea, you right. F2P players gonna be JNemqWitold or mynicknamewastakensohereiam

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Would a server transfer option service even fix the issue? Can’t get in the character screen so can’t even access that. But even if i could, all of the servers seem equally borked

ye it would, at least youd know you have that option

I can’t fathom how it can be hard to do “number of pre-orders sold” == “number of available seats on the servers during the pre-order window”

I wish I could get a refund - at this point I just feel scammed AF!

jesus christ man!

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Don’t laugh too soon my dude, game didin’t even launch yet, thirain will follow too xD

It is not so because they have been implementing servers as it progressed yesterday, When people already framed to go to one with friends and guild, what can not be is afk people against the wall running to not be thrown out of the game and be hours without playing and within the game

2 hours … from 17k to 13K :sweat:

And i thought they learned it from NW - but guess not.

And then at Friday it will come more players - gg

As I read yesterday you could not ask for a refund

Just check EU law , you can - just wait for it :stuck_out_tongue:

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You can’t

really if you have early access as they tell you and you can enter other servers without queue, the decision to queue is yours so they do not make a refund

How can you even suggest this, when the only players on at the moment are those who bought Founders Packs, and we’ve been told and told that Founders Packs wont trasnfer if we move server?

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is that you already have early access so you can not ask for a refund on it, since you have servers where you do not queue that is already a personal decision if you do it or not that is why they do not make the refund once I arrive on the 8th day

These ques are beyond a joke. Copies sold must have given some indication of how many people would be trying to log in…

This is a suggestion for folks who have not yet redeemed their Founder’s Packs from their product inventories, or have not yet begun playing; I understand the frustration for those who have, and we are looking for other possible avenues forward for the situation


what suggestion?

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@Roxx Just out of curiosity… I don’t know if you would even know this or not… but are there any plans on how to NOT make this queue issue even worse come 11th Feb… Because atm… almost 2 hours in and still 15738 in queue… I’m really dreading the 50k+ queues … (cause that’s what seems like will happen)

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is not possible to erase all data related to that server (pj, inventory and all content), and refund the founder pack to the account?
i mean, i dont mind to change the server and start again, but i dont want to loose the content that i paid for.

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