Queue Times Thread

@Roxx is even impossible to lock Servers (to stop more new characters on full server) ?

On Asta it takes now aprox. 4hours to get in - so after work, there is no time to play …

And now i learned something - never preorder or buy founder pack to play earlier and dont buy amazon games, after New World disaster i didnt learn … then this.

I think i have to calm down and go outside and take fresh air …

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I dont even care for the founders pack … i just want to play the goddamn game preferably on a server where my people are… or a mix of people who speak english! i dont want to read german,polish,spanish or whatever in global chat.

I’m sorry but this is not normal at all. We all spent money to have an early access and we have to wait 3 hours on some servers (Zinnervale) and of course since we redeemed our preorder bonuses we can’t even move. What will happen on launch day ?


“play 3d early” they’ve said. while in reality it is “queue up 3d early” for the actual launch experience. why would you get the founders pack if you cannot play the 3d in advance?

I mean this is just the beginning and in 3d the queues will be 2x / 3x / 4x of what they are now? how are you even planning to resolve this?

this should not be normal, it should’ve been expected (especially after the New World launch desaster) and actual money is being completely wasted right now…


Friday will be absolutely awful with the F2P release.

500k players alone that bought a founder pack. Im sitting in the queue on Asta for more than 1.5 hours now and there are still 3650 players in front of me.

Missing language tags were or are a big problem for the EU countries. I fear for 4-5 hour long queues when its friday 6pm CET.

Please act accordingly AGS: lock the overpopulated servers and look to increase the pop cap to the current stable max if not yet done.


Wat? in 20 Minutes i’m for 3 hours in queue and 12.6K are in front of me … It seems it will take even more than i expected - 5-7 hours maybe …

and is not even friday …

I’m really wondering why you are not increasing the server capacities for new channels? Why only set up a few new servers? The majority will not transfer to a new server since guilds and friends are there and also the founder packs has been claimed already on the servers.

I’m wondering why you haven’t learned anything from the NW disaster? I’m really upset that I have bought a 100,- Euro founders pack and can’t play with my friends and guild at the moment because of the 3hours waiting queue. Even if you set up new servers, I and my friends will not move to a new server. We also created some chars on the existing servers and opened our founders packs.

Please increase the server capacities and close the existing servers for new players before it goes on Friday into F2P. Otherwise it will be the same disaster like NW was.


Buy Founder pack for what? look the 17k queue really again amazon? got 2 pj created in Zinnervale and cannot play I want Refund If that goes on like that


I want my money back!!! AMAZON this is a fraud!


Yeah, apparently the founders pack was a total waste of time and money. At least keeping the frustrations high and being total unprofessional (Amazon), will piss off the players and sometime, sooner than later, the place will be empty.
Amazon, the biggest cloud infrastructure…mhm…yea. Thanks, but no thanks! Let’s create more servers instead of increasing cap per serv… Facepalm.

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Got 2 hours in queue

from 17k + to 9k+… and it is 18:55 here…
that means around 22:00 will be able… IF…
and I am a casual player that have only 2-3 hours to relax.



The frustration of coming home from work only to see I wont be able to ever play if the ques stay this long… nice


i think the worst is that they aint saying something about it. No plans, no ideas, no caps on full server etc. Nothing … Reddit is full of rant.


After the great succes of New World, try Lost Ark, the new queue simulator by Amazon gaming


get this shit done amazon… or ask others for help ffs.
cant be possible :confused:

Purchasing a game with a pack so you can play early then being told you’re 19,000 in a queue. Between work and these shit queues if I get any time in the game before the official release it’ll be a god damn miracle. What a rip off, gimme my money back.


After 4 hours I see the end in the tunnel :slight_smile:


I want ask .today start game and buy founder and use it Now i go to change server my founder lost? wait queue to see but if knows someone tell me

bla bla bla…

Maybe the game is good. How would I know if I need to wait till I go to work to play it. Game good or bad, definitely a s**t experience. Refund all the way…

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