Queue Times-Zinnervale

Ok, this is unacceptable. We all paid to get a head start among the other bonuses of founders packs.
A head start isnt a 2 hours playtime within 3 days.

Your answers are like a well placed answer from a government in order to cover its mistakes by pushing people find solutions. No, i dont want to go on a low queue server, i want to play with my friends. No, I dont want to wait 2 hours to login the game.
It’s your mistake, your responsibility to solve it, and solve it NOW. I dont care how hard is it to find solution, its not my problem. I dont want to hear that you are trying to find a solution or that you are working hard for it. NOT MY PROBLEM.
You have to solve this now and stop making dissatisfied customers.


Queue is bugged and you can be stuck at the same position for hours without noticing. I’ve been stuck for an hour and I just realized I’m still at the same position… Incredible.

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