Queue will not diminish unless either players or bots leaves first

So, this will be the fight for the betterment or the downfall of this game.

  • There will always be a queue if the bot problem is not addressed NOW. Because, even if the infrastructure is expanded/improved. You will just have more bots being created and will keep hogging the resources. Example, you raise the server capacity from 5000 to 10000 (arbitrary numbers), Now the bots will raise their creation and login attempts to match; Which results in the same problems.

  • A boiling point has been reached by the players with all the “fixes” that is being done, irregular maintenance times, no/untimely communications from AGS/Smilegate, a now broken economy, hacks, etc… This is to where the player base will start exiting en masse. We are starting to see this already (look at the “I Quit” posts that are starting to pop up). It will start turning into a trend. Friends leave, others follow. Popular community people and content creators giving up or giving negative reviews sets off more negative trends. Example, Look at Asmongold when he went to try FFXIV which caused that game to have a huge population increased and account creation. But, it this case, the reverse.

So, it’s really a tug-of-war right now with a VERY SHORT timeline. And we know the root of the problem. Hopefully, the winning side will be one that makes this game better and grow it’s population base positively, because, I really do like this game and want it to succeed.

A few things here

They HAVE addressed the issue of bots, stating that they are currently working on a way to combat this. Most games deal with this at launch for several weeks, even paid service ones, so a free to play game is going to have this issue en masse, and it will probably take a little longer than other games to fix because of the F2P nature.

Also they roll out maintenance as they get fixes [for the moment, until the deeper issues of launch are fixed, then they will have a regularly maintained schedule time], which is a good thing, even if it means inconveniencing a portion of the player base by doing so. There really isn’t a time they can do it when no one is on.

I have not experienced the “no/untimely communications” you’re referring too, most posts I’ve read have been answered in one way or another more than once, just takes a little bit searching to find sometimes, because they aren’t (and shouldn’t be expected to) answering the same “bots are bad” thread a hundred times. Although I’m sure I’m missing something and I’m not trying to invalidate your point, I just see and experience it a little different.

I’m interested to see what they do about bots, and how that will impact the playerbase, but I know that they ARE doing something, but the solution hasn’t been solidified yet. Games barely a few weeks old, I imagine the player base will fall with or without things happening right now, because that’s how new releases work as hype dies down and people realize its not for them, and queue’s will fall as a solution is found as well as players start to switch servers or quit for a variety of reasons.

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