Queues disconnecting

Really enjoying the game so far but today i have been paused at a certain number in the queue for a long amount of time (disconnected from the queue but not showing) This has happened several times today and the queue has gotten bigger each time. I havnt been able to log in and play at all today because of this! I know MMO launches are always hectic to begin with and this is expected but would be nice to get a little more than 3 days crystalline aura for the inconvenience that me and im sure many others are having. Obviously we are not owed anything for this but would just be a nice gesture :+1:

And again, is there something wrong with me :frowning:

Error code W0x3-SPELPWN1N2NT - #11 by Naitakal Tried everything in this thread too and nothing

Luckily i got in with no queue today but i know people are still getting this issue!