Queues on Kadan can’t be real

Let’s be honest,it’s 1.45pm and there’s a 12k queue on kadan already,how I’m able to play when I’m home at 3.30pm?
This is a big problem for everyone who’s going to work or school or something like that.
This should be fixed very fast.
For real I can’t really understand why free to play players was able to join Kadan,because we had big queues since founder packages release.
I’m not interested in “gifts” I can buy them by myself,I just want to play and not to wait for 3 hours or more to play.


I’m in Zinner and I also can’t understand why tf did they open the servers again, after huge queues in the head-start. Idk dude, this is no sens, I just want to chill and play an hour a day or so. This is impossible.


It’s just horrible

this is madness! 12 k que at 3 pm! f…disgrace !


There goes my chance of playing today.

I was really hoping to play too. but looks like a majority of the people with jobs, school ect… won’t be playing for atleast another few days or even longer.

No real plan far as I’m aware to fix the queues? xD Another region isn’t going to fix the queue problem.

This happened because the community decided Kaden was the only real server for English and PvP. Many other servers are fine.

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Its getting really out of hand. I was willing to to be tolerant and overlook the que issues during the initial launch and the following few days, because I understand the complexity of overloaded system etc and its pretty much something expected with a big mmo launch.
Queues were bad, but only during peak hours… Now, however its getting crazy. There was 3k queue at 10AM then I got dropped and waiting another 10k que at 1PM. Unlocking the servers really was a very dumb idea. If the servers were full and new player couldn’t be introduced then guess what? Work out the solution quicker instead of fu*king it up for everyone.

No. This happened because Amazon/Smilegate decided to not lock character creation. Had they done that, they could’ve focused on increasing server capacity to alleviate existing queues. Instead, they allowed f2p players to join in and flood the servers even further, all because some snowflakes were throwing tantrums that their friends can’t join. The same snowflakes now complain, or stay silent, that they can’t play because of these queues.

There’s an 11k queue on Asta as well at the moment.

It’s not gonna change unless the hype dies down.

They can’t increase capacity only make a re roll on the soon to be opened region desireble.

We have to deal with it. It’s not fun, I get it but that’s what we get.

lol, better to just not play this at all for like 3 more months…those qs :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’m sorry all, but I’m at the point where all this is just funny

name a server that is fine, troll? All have queues in the thousands, troll

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Astra - Monday 14:05 - +10k :frowning:

Based on their server status page there are 7 European servers that are not busy or full. So there are fine servers. One of my friends plays on Brelshaza. No queues right now.

Even those have huge queues in the evening.
I moved from asta to inanna, because inanna was the least populated at that time.
Now there are long queues aswell at prime time.

Its not as bad as it was on Asta, but still far from good.

maybe it helps

name a server that is fine, troll? All have queues in the thousands, troll

I decided to log on right now, Slen let me in with no queue. Please stop lying.

That sucks. If only they would’ve released this new region for f2p players. Now it is too late and I reckon that the region will not attract that many people.

Still, it depends how long are those queues. If the queue is 3-5k, then that is tolerable on short run. But Kadan is closing on 15k and that is where I play. By the time I get home I think it will be 20k.

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If they even let you into the que lol, yesterday I couldn’t even get into the que for the entire day and evening. Will probably be the same thing today. I’m just glad I got all my work done yesterday so I could log in early today

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I also tried Nineveh, Brelshaza and Procyon also seemed fine, no queues.