Queues solved! Play now Solution!

Are you tired of waiting 6 hours inside a 20.000 queue to play the game for 2 hours?

Amazon Game Studios introduces: Queue Pass. Only 4.99 / week.

Queue Pass Benefits:

Priority login. ( no more queues)
In game title: Queue Skipper.


Servers have hard limit.

Some Que skipper purchasers still can’t log in.


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Kick the players with no Queue pass! :rofl:

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LA forum explodes with complaint threads.

Fail - or perhaps win for forum jockeys

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: if you pay 100$ per month you can skip the skippers queue


Queue for queue pass players.

Really bad idea. Do you really want to have to wonder if the queues are being artificially inflated? This would cause that. Because companies can artificially inflated queues to sell you a queue pass. Similar things have happened on private/pirate servers in the past. It’s not something I want to have to wonder about.

some people don’t get it , don’t they? this post was made in a sarcastic way. not a real thing. just a lil joke while waiting for 20k queue to go down. have some fun man.