Quick budget guide for 3 lvl3 engravings at 1370+

I’m honestly baffled at how many 1370+ players have absolutely awful engravings and random combat stats, so I’ll try to explain it quickly for everyone who still hasn’t figured it out or is about to make 1370.

Legendary accessories have either 2 engravings with +3 or 1 with +3 and one with +2.
To make it simple, let’s just say its 2x3. So 5 accessories give you potentially 30 nodes for engravings.

Basic rules:
Bad combat stat = useless and dirt cheap unless it’s some ridiculously good engraving combo.

Good combat stat:

  1. If the engravings are bad, worthless.
  2. One good engraving is what we’re looking for. Whether it be class or normal engraving.
  3. Two good engravings are usually really expensive and unless you’re sitting on piles on gold, just sell it right away because prices are dropping after every reset. Especially if both are normal engravings. So if you get something like precise dagger + grudge with crit or swiftness, it’s your lucky day.

Now what does this tell us? That it’s easy to get a full 5 accessory loadout with your class engraving for real cheap. Or you can go with normal engraving, either one.

5 accessories = +15 and one lvl3 engraving sorted.

Then we get to the most annoying thing in the game. Ability stones. If you get lucky and roll a 6+6 stone, amazing. Equip 9+9 in your slots and you’re done, you got yourself 3 lvl3 engravings.

But as it usually goes, rolling a good stone doesn’t happen every day. So you have to spend anywhere between 2k and 10k gold on one good accessory to get that extra node. It’s important for your stone to have at least one 6x ability to sort your second engraving out.

Or if your desired engraving is cheap, you can get legendary books.

Necklaces are the most expensive pieces, so don’t bother finding necklaces with 2 good stats and 2 good engravings. With one good engraving it’s like 2-10k. That’s the only expensive piece you have to get.

And watch out for those negative engravings.

TL;DR since we got 150 free pheons and full accessory + stone set is 80, there’s no excuse for players who reach 1370+ not to have 3 lvl3 engravings because the full loadout costs around 10k, maybe 15k gold if you get unlucky with the stone.

I’ve got 2 builds on my Paladin and it cost less than 20k total, but it’s a cheap clas.

450spec/1450 swiftness with lvl3 blessed aura, expert, heavy armor.
980crit/890 swiftness with lvl3 adrenaline, spirit absorption, keen blunt weapon and lvl1 judgement.

And those accessories are with you until 1415 and then some, because relics will be really expensive in the first month or so. So most of us will be using them for a couple of months.

TL;DR2 Investing around 10k gold for a set of accessories and a stone isn’t that much on 1370+ and everyone who doesn’t have 3 lvl3 engravings unless their class really doesn’t need it is griefing. Sell your mats for a couple of days and buy the set, you’re way stronger with proper engravings than +2.5ilvl.

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but that build is useless / underwhelming without awakening. it’s the single most important engraving for the build.

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Lmao I was just waiting for that. Blind followers of builds posted on sites that were made for KR version.

Honestly I don’t want to insult you, but your take couldn’t be any more awful.

What does awakening do? It’s a free get out of jail card for when the raid is in danger our about to wipe. Now I’m sure it will be needed for difficult legion raids, but as of now every single bit of content is a joke when it comes to people actually being in danger of dying to anything other than mechanics.

And if you need to use that get out of jail for free card every minute, that means your DPS is full of idiots that face tank everything and they honestly don’t deserve to complete the raid.

If you need more than wipe prevention against normal attacks more than once every 4 minutes, better go back to doing easier stuff.

But yeah, the build which heals nearly 10k every 30sec and has amazing uptime for all the buffs, increasing damage output by so much is useless just because you’re used to playing with braindead DPS that has no positional awareness. Then there’s blessed aura which also has good uptime because I stacked wealth runes and have low cooldowns.

Did both Oreha hard and Argos P1 while everyone was at minimum ilvl required. As I did everything else.

Expert is exponentially more important than Awakening. Same goes for blessed aura. Awakening is a idiot prevention engraving and I refuse to spend a lot of extra gold just to carry low skill DPS players.

the main reason why i like awakening so much (yes, i still think it is the single most important engraving WITH blessed aura) is that it fills your meter 90%, which gives you a lot more uptime for blessed aura.
so blessed aura and expert benefit greatly from awakening.
the shield is not the reason i use it, it’s for meter gain, and more blessed aura uptime. a LOT more uptime.

i don’t follow KR build blindly. i just saw how much more the group benefits from me, once awakening hit level 3.

this is where we disagree.

as you don’t want to have braindead DPS in your group… and i want to be prepared for them.
because let’s be frank, they are everywhere…
the way i play my support, i try to save bad players… call me good samaritan, but thats just the way it is :slight_smile:

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But on a different note, thanks for the hints!
does not matter if i aim for awakening or heavy armor, still i want 3 engracinigs on lvl 3 with 1370, you hints will help.

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Yeah, it’s our job to save them, but if someone needs saving every minute, then they’re not worth the time.

If I was a whale I’d definitely get awakening, but I just checked AH and cheapest accessories with blessed aura + awakening are 10k. I’d need one of those because you have like 10% chance of getting a 6+6 stone. With each expert+awakening stone being 3.5k+5pheons.

As I said, I’m sure I’ll need awakening for Valtan and later on, but current bosses are really easy and not worth investing so much gold in accessories that are going to be useless in a month.

The first time I feel like I can’t complete something because I don’t have awakening, I’ll buy it.

Btw, heavy armor is giga broken. I tested it on moake and I literally couldn’t die, his strongest hits did like 25k damage. Definitely the most underrated engraving while being super cheap. Allows you to tank a lot of stuff so your teammates don’t have to.

points noted, did not think of the big cost difference.

will check out heavy armor! since i need a new build anyway when i hit 1370 on thursday.

Swift+spec necklace with blessed, everything else swiftness and blessed. Those are cheap. Getting second good engraving is expensive.

Then Expert +9 in the slot with +6 on the stone. After that it’s up to you if you want to go the expensive or cheap route.

Spirit absorption might be nice, but since I’m already at 1.5k swiftness no point.

Vital point is also nice, I’ve got overwhelm on holy and executioner sword, a lot of stagger.

Thank you!

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400 hours on paladin here, 1370+.

I’ll never run without awakening 3. Shield is way too valuable, and it instantly fills your piety meter as well.

The point of the shield isnt to save your team (although it has for me countless times), it’s to combo with blessed aura to allow your team to ignore mechanics and tunnel DPS onto the target, taking full advantage of the triple dps buff you provide.

That being said, expert would be my third choice in engravings after Blessed Aura and Awakening.

TLDR; tried both, awakening > expert



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i am 1365 an run Awa 3 blessed 3 expert 1
i will see what i can do with limited gold and argos gear.
minimum is awa 3 and blessed 3.
everything else is nice to have (while expert is VERY nice to have)

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Not taking expert while focusing on blessed aura? Then you’re losing a lot of value you’re generating with blessed aura uptime.

As I said, I fully understand the build, but it’s also not needed, at least not needed for current content, at least not from my experience.

Rolling a 6+6 stone is like 10% chance, with every blessed+expert or blessed+awakening accessory being ~10k.

So why would I waste like 15k for stone+accessory for something I don’t need and that’s there to bail out idiots pretty much.

With 90k HP, 24% on expert gives you extra ~2k heal on your shield and ~400hp extra heal every 1.5seconds with blessed aura.

If you don’t want expert on max, then don’t user the extra heal from shield bonus, but keep the cooldown lower by 10 seconds.

Btw, everyone should have a solo build, too.
For less than 5k, I got myself a 3331 build.
Lvl3 adrenaline, spirit absorption and keen blunt weapon, with lvl1 judgement. I can solo Night Fox at 1375 in like 10 minutes.

Again, it’s not to bail out idiots it’s to instantly fill meter and allow your party to ignore mechanics while tunneling DPS.

It gives a massively increased uptime on Blessed Aura as well.

Also just a tip, if you are running expert > awakening you should also prioritize spec > swiftness.

Ur basically gimping yourself and your party by having roughly 1/2 the blessed aura uptime unless you go Spec to offset the difference from not running awakening.

Sounds like you’re having fun though, so all the power to you.

Awakening is expensive for a reason and if you dont have the gold expert is a fine alternative

But as I said noone in my parties is dying even without it.

I’m running swiftness for damage, not for healing. With 1500 swiftness uptime on two damage buffs when you rotate them properly is way better and you can permanently keep the bleed+light’s vestige on.

Also, why spec and not endurance when endurance gives shield and healing boosts? I actually wanted to test that out and would do so if not for pheons cost.

I’m a support, not a babysitter. I’ll cut down the raid time by 20% with providing so much utility, I’ll heal the chip damage and remove debuffs, I’ll even have that get out of jail for free card, but if you want to braindead brute force the boss, then find someone else to carry you.

I should’ve said it earlier, my build is about helping out good players with shields+chip damage heals and maximizing DPS.

I usually do ~15-18% dmg myself in 4mans and with those buffs that’s a better output that any DPS would have. The only content I didn’t do yet is Argos P3 and I absolutely see no reason to waste 15-20k gold for something that’s so easy before Valtan comes out.

If there were more difficult stagger checks like there were in T2 for example, I would’ve gone with vital point hit because those were always really close. Got overwhelm on both executioner and holy sword.

If I wanted to actually waste gold on proper T1/T2 engravings, I would’ve definitely ran Awakening then because those fights were hard. T3 is a joke with players that have a bit of common sense.

TL;DR Awakening is good, but not worth the cost in such easy raids when people don’t have any trouble staying alive.

Yeah, we run swiftness for damage like you mentioned to keep the uptime high on Valor, but without awakening you would prioritize spec to increase your piety generation as without awakening you’re looking at 50% less uptime on Holy Aura (our best damage buff).

Expert is slighty higher healing, but awakening is going to output alot more damage from your party just from the increased uptime on Holy Aura. As you mentioned, were really only healing up chip damage anyways so the extra healing is negligible compared to the increased damage provided by a longer Holy Aura uptime.

The only way to get comparable results running expert would be to go spec>swiftness but like you said, we need swiftness to keep the Valor uptime, so Expert > Awakening is really just the “budget” build.

If you’re making it work, thats great, but in terms of BiS Awakening > Expert every time.

Eventually we will get all 3