Quick question --> reaper build

So i am planning to buy +12(legendary) class(Hunger) books for my reaper and i have the acc set for 5x3 but in the meantime i have 2 options to play:

#1 Raid cap(lvl3)/Grudge(lvl3)/Ambush master(lvl3)/Hunger (at lvl3)/Adrenaline (at lvl2)
hunger 3


#2 Raid cap(lvl3)/Grudge(lvl3)/Ambush master(lvl3)/Adrenaline(lvl3)/Hunger(lvl2)

I did some testing in trixion and 2 out of 3 times the 2nd option performed better (with about 5m-6M damage per rotation), however i think running full class(hunger lvl3) might be better in party with crit synergy. I dont have very deep understanding of multiplicative and additive engraving and how they behave when dmg/cirt buffs are applied (by teammates). So someone with enough knowledge might help me a little bit here. :slight_smile:

Keep in mind i play Full Swiftness + Lostwind cliff card set +7lvl gems + full relic (entropy)

Take it for what it’s worth. This guys testing seems to indicate it’s close enough to not worry about but 3 hunger being better.

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One thing I think is worth considering here is if you go the Hunger 2 route, you save yourself an accessory and 25 pheons. The damage difference is going to be pretty marginal either way, and saving yourself the cost is probably just worth it long term.

i have both variants already bought. Today i was able to snipe an earings worth buying for future 5x3 (when i get the books)

hunger 2 adren 3 is stronger by itself
but it really doesnt matter, it is a difference of ~2%