Quick Reflux Question!

With the new update, Reflux get a new competitive skill to add to the list of options: Explosion with the Backfire tripod.

What skill should I drop for Explosion Backfire? Which of the following do I drop for Explosion?

Esoteric Reaction, Punishing Strike, Rime Arrow, Seraphic Hail, Reverse Gravity, Frost Call

I’m thinking of Reverse Gravity since it’s the most likely to miss and I need Frost Call for the mana burning.

Reverse Gravity is my go-to for replacement in general due to its range req, but I haven’t looked into it too much.

The DPS in Trixion with the new explotion tripod show a little drop of DPS compare with the doomsday and seraphic hail variants. I wouldn’t drop reverse gravity. This is one of the main DPS skills. Drop seraphic hail or frost call. Or drop the counter, take the shield for mana burning and change frost call for explotion. And at the end if you miss with reverse gravity you will miss with explosion as well. Both are melee range skills.

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I personally dropped Reverse Gravity too. Works okay for me. Don’t want to drop seraphic or anything else because of convic judgment(playing dominion swift reflux)

lol. reverse gravity is most of your reflux damage

Agree with bofi111. Reverse Gravitiy is the skill with most dps output :slight_smile:
What kind of Reflux are your are playing? Casting i assume?

Drop the counter o.o

I see, so the devs updated this tripod for no reason as it still remains non-meta. Thanks for the answers everyone.