Quick Tipp for the yoho and deska map

Sry in advance English isn’t my Mt

Heya folks,

just a quick tip for u to spare ur flares. If u enter the map (for yoho or deska) and go to the cliffs edge, before u slide down the rope, scroll into ur character so u have the “kinda 3 person view”. I dunno why, but by doing this u can nearly see the whole map and u can spot the guardien. If u can’t see him he is in the east middle spot which is the only spot u can’t see using this trick.



Oh thanks for this. I would get people in my groups pinging where the boss was and I was like " How do they know?"

I assumed they were using that bot program that lets you zoom out and see the whole map so I uh…I reported them for cheating.

Depends on where they are pinging. The cliff trick only lets you see boss spawn on the left side of the map. If someone is pinging boss spawn on the right side, then chances are something is up.

It also depends,

If the boss is spawning on that “bottom left” platform, you can see it before using the zipline without zooming at all

You will just see the boss and the blue/white circle indicator if the boss is on that platform, be it Chromanium, Nacrasena, Yoho or Deskaluda, you can see every boss if he spawns on the bottom left platform

Edit: Had to re-enter a few times for the screenshot


For the top left spawn, as said above, you can see the silouhette if you zoom in on your character