Quitting because of what other people said

I am a 1355 Ilvl Player, my only T3 with 1 T2 ilvl 1000 and 2 T1 characters. I started the game 10 days after the server launched. I play the game as per normal as a f2p, only spent buying costumes and QOL stuff ( like crystalline) I considered myself a semi casual and very active player, never skipping a day and sometimes even play up to 24 hrs straight without stopping at the initial phase rushing to t2 and t3. I heard many stories of people rushing to t3 and experiencing the dead zone between 1340 to 1370 but it didn’t bother me because i didn’t reach that phase yet. I am progressing normally everyday, doing both a bit of vertical and horizontal content. I was told to talk my own pace and play after everyone says that they are burned out rushing to t3 and all.

When I reached T3, it was just before the 2nd reset of the honing mats (24th) and i manage to buy the t3 mats before the arkesia shop resets. That’s when i notice that the mats started to fall in price value and everything dropped. I heard before that many people sold their mats to Whales that buy gold to RMT and then stockpile a ton of gold. Now everyone started to buy the cheap mats and going honing like crazy. The thing is by the time i hit T3, I do not really have much gold left, probably left like less than 10k. I did my honing up until 1355 after 2 weeks and that’s when my resources start to dry out, mainly my gold and silver. Silver is also due to buying rapport items but gold is running out like crazy especially after buying my t3 accessories. Now I am stuck at 1355 while everyone is rushing to 1370 with the event mats and event guardian raids.

I thought to myself since my main is stuck I shall do horizontal content such as Mokoko, Adv tome etc. Suddenly I realized that i am lagging behind after everyone said I should be 1370 by now and telling me that I have no excuse? Who is the one that told me that i can play my own pace and now I am getting roasted and punished because I took my time and especially now the market crashed and and all the new T3 players are getting fucked. And then those “veterans” that hoarded all the gold telling me how much gold they still have in their bank and how many T3 alts they have in their account. Mind you I thought I really tried my best and progressed everyday, even during when I got covid positive and now people are shaming my progress? What am I supposed to do now? I really felt bummed out and wanting to quit because of what people said and belittling my progress and saying I am a trash and slow player and I should have achieve this and that by now.

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You’re actually pretty far ahead for starting 10 days after most of the people criticizing you. I have several friends that have played almost everyday since launch and they’re around the same ilvl as you.

There are always going to be toxic people in MMO’s trying to put others down for one reason or another. Just try to ignore them.

If you’re still enjoying the game, keep playing. Don’t worry about the rush to 1370. You will get there eventually and people are still going to be running argos and Hardmode abyss dungeons when you get there.

You might want to spend a little bit more time in your alts if you enjoy them. 1355-1370 feels pretty dead for content so having alts and horozontal content to focus on helps fill your time.

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The community in Lost Ark is among the most toxic I have encountered in online gaming, and I have played some pretty toxic online games like EVE since 2004, LoL and other MOBAs and so on. Lost Ark is right up there – ghoulish levels of toxicity in the community, so you have to really discount all of those comments. You’ll get them no matter what you do. It’s that kind of toxicity.

Yes, you were late to the party in T3 and the market has crashed, and there is now a bit of a gold crunch compared to last month. It will be a bit slower for you due to the gold issue than it was for other players, but that’s just how it will be at this point. If you still otherwise enjoy the game, then just play at your own pace and get to the content in your own time – yes, it will be slower, but that can’t be helped. The market was very inflated and the people who got there first got the lion’s share of the benefit of that, as is always the case – it’s just going to be like this for a while now until another event happens that inflates gold rather than the deflation we have seen over the past few weeks.

Some people will criticize you if you rush ilvl and don’t do side content. Others will criticize you if you do side content and say you have yourself to blame for not rushing ilvl. Others will criticize you for not “honing strategically”, while others will criticize you for not studying the market and spending half or more of your playtime researching niche ways to make gold and so on. You’re going to get it from all sides in this community, it is a complete cesspool of selfishness and toxicity, but the best option if you still enjoy the core gameplay loop of Lost Ark is to tune them all out and just play as and what you enjoy personally.


You realizad you’re lagging behind because WHO told you you should be 1370 by now? Like Wtf am I even reading?

Dude argos isn’t going away and valtan isn’t even confirmed by end of May. Just play at your fcking pace without caring for what others said Jesus fc.

Do you have 5 mins wait to match make at your content? If not then who is to determine where you should stand “by now” my god…


Problem with statements like ‘take your time, don’t sprint’ in game like LA, is that it will always be partially false.

If you don’t care about progressing and paying for the game here and there, then really, don’t rush.

If you do care a bit, and you would like to be playing this game on end-game level, then not only players but also game pushes you to progress as fast as possible:

  • By getting to 1370 first, you have ability to get more gold/materials and start taking over the market and dictate prices, or take advantage of the fact that everyone under 1340 have no gold at all and they sell mats cheap. compared to what you can earn
  • Game itself pushes you to progress ASAP by introducing time-limited events that lock higher level mats behind a gear score level (you can’t buy tier3 mats unless you are in T3 - but if you take your time, you might not get there before event ends)

If someone tells you - take your time - they also need to tell you what you are giving up in return: market control, gold income, mats income, events rewards. And then it is up to you, if you are OK with not having those and playing slowly.

I myself dont rush at all, I’m playing since pre-launch, and I’m only 960ilvl. But I also play max 1-2h a day and have done a lot of horizontal content (A LOT - sometimes not progressing story for days). It was my choice, and I know I lost opportunity to hoard gold and mats, but that is fine with me - by the time I’m 1340, SG will most likely introduce 1304 Power Pass anyway.

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Like OP said “playing at your own pace” screws you over. Anybody who got in T3/Argos early is sitting on fat stacks of cash meanwhile OP can’t even use his materials because gold is so scarce. Then these same people who were saying to “Play at your own pace” are confused that people aren’t somehow 1400+ already like them.


This sounds more of a “im worried about what everyone else thinks/says and feel about me” rather than anything else. Make your own decision based on your own conclusions instead.

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THIS IS NOT GAME FEEDBACK. It probably should go in general discussions.

Why does this matter? If you enjoyed finding seeds then find seeds. If you wanted ilvl then finding seeds isnt gonna give you that. Idk what your goal is here, the main goal should be having fun. At the end of the day your playing a video game to enjoy it, youre playing it not anyone else.

Play the game how you want. If you want to quit then quit. Its a video game.

im 1385 and i can promise you you are not missing out on much.

yes argos is nice but its like 30-60 minutes of gameplay a week and you can do it in a month np

gold will come over time when they add more content

Look the only horrible thing about the deathzone is you have 3 weeks of not new content from 1340 to 1370 that’s all.
It doesn’t matter if someone is far far ahead cause the game always have this cathup systems for f2p players and make whales and hardcore players stuck with honning till they release new tier items odds are you will eventually hit a relic map, an una jackpot or a really good item in your journey.
I’ve started 2 weeks later and i’m 1365 i haven’t used my weekly mats yet and i never had gold problems since i didn’t waste gold on engravings, accesories, gems and i didn’t waste silver rerrolling.

Imo this “competitive pve” thing exist cause most people suck at pvp and has to find other ways to compet so they use their wallets and then say the game is p2w even tho you can perfectly enjoy it without paying a thing.
There are ones that wants to be 1445 overlvling valtan normal and byakis normal which is insane.

I have the most fun with new things when i’m the minimun ilvl required since it’s a challenge.
The first time i went against the punika clown it was hard as hell and now reaching 1370 i just oneshot him is not fun anymore. Now is just another way to farm gold.

So if you trully enjoy the game why would you mind what other people says? Later on there will be endgame things with equalized pve gear so what will be the huge difference?
Don’t fall into the whale trap they got brainwashed by the things stated above and unless you are a content creator who profits with ever new content then you shouldn’t rush you should just continue enjoying your trip.

If this “ppl who says you are far behind” are your friends then cut them off and find new ones. Those friends aren’t gonna be there ten years time so why would you keep them if they are already making you feel this way?

I also doubt any content creator made horizontal things unless their goal was to bored their viewers to death so you are already investing on things some far far ahead guys didn’t cause the lack of patience and the constant rush FOMO which is a player issue.

Besides you will make it to Valtan at this pase

Tip: Check masterpiece rewards :slight_smile:

People need to understand, the golden goose is Legion Raids! All other gold in the game is there to help you to progress up to this content. Silver will always be a bottleneck, but if you manage it and don’t rush stuff like gem rerolls and adventure tomes, also not buying everything from travelling merchants, you will be fine!

Materials in the near future will git 1-2g per batch.

I was doing fine with silver till that 200k silver meat appeared in the list and that made me inmediately start lopang on every charac

Honing an alt would be a really bad move right now for someone who is nearly out of silver.

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People are daily trying to give feedback about what player base wants, AGS listen some feedback, ignore others, but this is a game development.

You should be driven to how you feel playing the game, are you having fun ?

Because if you have fun, remember that LA already lost a great number of players that may want to return at some moment, so AGS will eventually make some catch-up event to encourage players to return.

So basically, people told you scary stories and that worries you.
My friends who started on release are only getting pass 1370… You started 10 days later and are already 1355.
Finally, if you are implying that falling behind is enough reason to quit, should new players stay away from this game? Because they will be even further behind than you are. Should everyone who started later than you just quit now because of what others have said? Are more casual players all trash?

If you are enjoying the game, just keep playing. I think it’s pretty simple.

I barely hit 1370 this week. So I’m definetly 3 weeks late when it comes to argos. I don’t have gold problems but I’m not rich either. Idk what’s your point.

the only cesspool in this game is the PvP aspect with uncontrolled toxic CC

No, game isn’t tell you to push jsckshit because event mats are locked behind iLevel, it’s to prevent you from hoarding mats for the future, rather than use your current tier to progress, which is the intended effect of these catch up mats from events. And other events are coming taking over, so it’s not like it’s that “time limited”.

Stop spreading bullshit. The only one who pushes you to rush is yourself and only you.

It would be pushing if there were no T1 and t2 mats. Now I’d agree. But it isn’t the case.

If you guys are having bad luck with honing try this. Do the Una Daily Shady cliff where your character goes to pray near the Sacrian Church. RNG Jesus will like it and will give you buff to it.

Personnally, i tried it yesterday and my head gear blow 9 times straight even with all the honing protection + books lol and got an achievement Strategic failure. At least, i have enough gold and mat, but yeah kind of depressing when it is 9 times straight and don’t get me start with the the weapon, this thing is curse with 12x straight failure and at the end succeed with the Artisan energy, but in process burn through 3840 k destruction stone + 1440 gold. I even rub some Blessed Potion on my gear but it did not prevent the explosion apparently lol.

Yeah, sometime you have to be patient. Although, I don’t have have mat nor gold issue due to playing 9 alt, but do feel the difficulty for those who are on 3-4 alt. Not easy. Even at my level, it is kind of frustrating to see it blow up 9-12 times straight.

The gold cost for 1370 is an absolute joke compared to 1370+ lol