"Race Event" what will REPLACE it to overcome Deathzone, now?

The Race Event is over, so where do I get the missing Books to overcome the Deadzone.
Is there something new?

We didn’t get honing change increase but a happy Event, sofar so happy.
Now its over but did something replace it, I cant see anything.
Its a big loss for particularly casual Gamers without 6 Farm 1340 chars by now.
Thanks for honoring all 60% Farmers and New Lostis.
It was ok for me to stay a Month or so behind, its all new and fun, but with this Patch
I feel a little bit scammed.

Where are the missing Honing % or Books.

The Ark Pass is RIGHT THERE!

It has honing mats as rewards even for F2P. :+1:

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Jesus christ. If you are not bathing in mats at this point you have completely missunderstood this game.


I miss the pirate chest coins the most ;(

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If you feel scammed from basically another event implemented, im sorry, but you should evaluate why you react that way.
This is the same preface as the person that felt scammed or “punished” for no new log in rewards.

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Wow Lost Pass i can get more Characters to T3 and back in to Honing Hell.
The Ark Pass not Count for T3. Everyone was craying on Argos releasy so where are the honing change increases now to 1370, we need the 10% 15+books.
No one cares because the most are out of hell.

I am drowning in Mats right now with the weekly reset and the Ark Pass. My Main is at 1385. My Pala was today at 1348 and then after honing he was at 1361. Just don’t wanted to push further because of Gold. Tomorrow I run Argos and have then enough Gold to push the Pala to 1370. I really don’t know why everyone is still crying about the honing. So many Mats in the last couple Weeks.

If you’re not 1370 by now you just don’t play the game lmao.

at least for me, I just got my first alt into T3 and not looking forward to 1340-1370 again.
Though the honing research will be nice :smiley: