Radeon/AMD--Poor Visuals, Blurry Movement, Stutters, Broken VRR/Gsync/Freesync, Color bleed

Ryzen 5 5600x
32gb RAM
1tb SSD
Samsung G7 Odyssey

All drivers up to date. Running DX11. Reset monitor+settings etc with little change. 2560x1440p native resolution. 16:9

The game looks horrible. More often than not I cannot discern what is happening. The picture looks zoomed out, unfocused, and blurry.

The most progress I have made has been with these settings, with VRR/Freesync off on the monitor, and off in Windows11 Graphics ->’ VRR’ setting.

In game - All postfx settings off.

Please tell me if this or anything else works for you. I am far from satisfied with the visual fidelity of this game.

i have one rx 6600xt running with dx11 and only using sharpness 80%